Combat knife diamond camo challenges

2019-12-15 18:31

Nov 05, 2017 To get the Diamond Camo, you need to get Gold on ALL MELEE WEAPONS. But at teh launch of this game, which is now, THERE IS ONLY ONE MELEE WEAPON! So basically, if you get oyur Shovel to Gold, you get the Diamond for Free! ! ! Nomore pistol challenges, and rocketlauncher challenges and whatnot like in BO3, to get all SECONDARIES to Gold!Jun 29, 2014 How to Get Diamond Combat Knife. Diamond Camouflage is a secret feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This type of camo allows your weapon to be covered in sparkling diamond texture. Applied on weapons, it looks awesome on firearms but combat knife diamond camo challenges

Combo Pack 100 KillsHeadshots 5 Challenges completed for the full Gold Camo unlock. Diamond Camo is the 2nd tier of weapon customization in Black Ops 4. In order to unlock Assault Rifles diamond camo, you need to previously unlock all Gold camos for that weapon class. After you unlock the last gold camo diamond skin is rewarded.

Oct 26, 2018 Welcome to the Road to Gold! In this episode we will be taking a closer look at the Combat Knife in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The knife in BO4 will cause a ton of frustration to any user of it. Then I found some gem camo vids on Youtube and eventually found the name of the camo. It seems there are lots of contradicting facts on how to get this camo because some people are saying you need to do the Dark Ops challenges which looks really difficult and others say you just need to get diamond on all your guns. Which is it?combat knife diamond camo challenges Aug 11, 2016  The Combat Knife is a basic onehitkill melee attack. Every player has a knife in each class. The Knife can be held out as a secondary or primary weapon if no

Combat knife diamond camo challenges free

It should also be noted that the combat knife cannot be used to destroy ground scorestreaks such as the Sentry Gun and Guardian. The challenges for the camouflages are: DEVGRU Get 10 kills with the Combat Knife (knife is held instead of a weapon). ATACS AU Get 20 kills with the Combat Knife (knife is held instead of a weapon). combat knife diamond camo challenges Oct 13, 2018 BLACK OPS 4: HOW TO GET EASY DIAMOND CAMO COMBAT KNIFE Duration: 12: 31. Mikey Gaming 397, 425 views. 12: 31. BLACK OPS 4 EASY DIAMOND CAMO SHOTGUNS BO4 Tips& Tricks Duration: 11: 03. Ballistic knife camo challenge: ) knife so i remember that the first challenges which say to get kills can be done either with the blade shots or meeles but the ones after which mention anything about the BLADES will have to be done with the blade shots. And for diamond you need to get all special weapons gold and that INCUDES the combat Change the Spectrum challenge for the combat knife; Change the Spectrum challenge for the combat knife. I spent hours trying to get that last camo for the knife just to see 05 SPECTRUM. Honestly at very least change it to one blood thirsty or something more appropriate. If they make all the challenges easy, they are not challenges Combat Knife: Get 5 Bloodthirsty medals with the Combat 5 kills in one life) Personal experience This was definitely a unique experience, but also my favorite weapon class of all the available weapons in the game. Let's go over the more difficult camouflage challenges

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