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2019-12-11 06:07

Nov 22, 2013 I made a Summoner Icon Mockup featuring Christmas version of Poro (yes, he's wearing green gloves): P And on a little side note when cold winter comes, remember about the animals who have it really tough in the shelters this time of a year. If you have any old blankets, animal food, boxes, etc, do consider taking them to a nearby shelter.Poro icons and their corresponding skins return for both game modes, so be sure to pick up your favorites before 1818. All Snowdown and winterthemed skins free to play in this game mode. About League Of Legends poro icon league of legends christmas

Dec 12, 2017  Snowdown, the annual holiday event, has officially started in League of Legends. Whip out your classic Slaybelle icon and jump in those missions to wait. Youre telling me that I dont need to equip a specific icon to complete this events missions? Hot diggity dog!

PORO ICONS (AND MORE) Pick up a poro icon for 250 RP and grab a special skin for your poro pals in Legend of the Poro King for a limited time. Or pick up the Poro Pride bundle to get a 20 discount on all six! To trick out your poros, follow these handy steps: Buy any poro icon Nov 21, 2013 SEASONAL Poro Icons Edited the post to add another poro icon I've made This time in the spirit of Lunar Revel with a Chinese dragon stache for the additional# SWAG. It's in a different style than the first more like how I usually draw. I want to make more of these if I'll have time, it's pretty fun xD Got sketches for 6 more.poro icon league of legends christmas

Poro icon league of legends christmas free

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