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Kings of Maya often came to priests for advice for what to do in a conflict, or for predictions of the future. Priests had a lot of influence on how the king ruled, and what the king did. Mayan life was very strict and hard to follow. Many religious rituals were hosted everyday by the king, and itApr 24, 2013 Each pyramids usually had two or four staircases, often including a platform between steps near the middle. This platform was likely used during the priestkings rituals as well. The Mayan religion was Polytheist, and they worshiped more than 165 Gods. The Gods were humanlike. The Gods were born, grew up and died. mayan priest-kings

History reveiw packet. updating rite now. STUDY. PLAY. Important characteristics of Maya society. Maya and Axum both had these hallmarks of civilization. writing systems. priestkings. site of Tenochititlan. Valley of Mexico.

Feb 21, 2011  The Mayan priestkings finally couldn't feed the peasants who supported them. The priestkings vanished but the peasants endured. The corporate America The Maya built flattopped pyramids made of limestone. At the top of these pyramids were temples. That was where the Mayan priestkings held religious rituals. The city of Palenque was a major power that bordered the highlands and lowlands. An Economy Based on Agriculture As Mayan cities grew, farmers needed to produce more food.mayan priest-kings One Mayan ruler was named Pascal. He ruled the Maya for 68 years. Like other Maya rulers he was a priest as well as a warrior. Priestkings like Pascal killed animals and sometimes people as

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Mayan priests were a very important part of the Mayan society where religion played a major role. Originally, the priests came from the nobility and not a separate institution. The King himself was considered a combination of the ruler and a priest, and had to be connected to the temples or the priestly tasks in order to validate his divine right to rule. mayan priest-kings Classical Mayan citystates were organized around numerous denselypopulated and sophistically developed urban areas.  Those urban areas served as centers for politics, commerce and religion, and they were the sites where Mayan priestkings performed human sacrifice ceremonies (see fig. 2& May 26, 2009 Answers. Best Answer: The traditional Maya have their own religious functionaries, often hierarchically organized, and charged with the duties of praying and sacrificing on behalf of lineages, local groups, or the entire community. In many places, they operate within the Catholic brotherhoods The Maya and Olmec used this agricultural method of chopping trees, burning them and planting crops in their place Ancient Mayan JobsPriest. Maya priests were also the rulers of cities. Every day they would perform services after climbing the hundreds of temple steps. Maya priests might have caused the collapse of the Maya when the lesser Mayas (farmers) got tired of having to obey the commands of the priests and abandoned the cities. Ancient Mayan JobsWomen

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