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1 Answer. By the time of 15 Century, all the kings of india, by now under the influence of the mughal emperors, and later under influence of portuguese, and the dutch, who were the first europeans to arrive before the french and english, had started to change their appearance, they wore dresses, which showed foreign influence,Ancient Indian Clothing The index of human development can also be pegged with the clothing of the people during a certain time frame. The remnants of the ancient Indian clothing can be found in the figurines discovered from the sites of the Indus valley civilization, the rock cut sculptures, the cave paintings, and human art forms found in temples and monuments. indian kings clothes

Oct 07, 2018 Though sari is popularly believed to be the traditional dress for Indian women, there are other dresses that are either region specific or culture specific which are also considered to be part of Indian traditional dresses. In Punjab the traditional dress is Salwar Kameez and in Rajasthan it is Gagra Choli or also known as Lehenga.

Ancient Indian clothing: the cotton dhoti. People in India wore mostly cotton clothing. India was the first place where people grew cotton, even as early as 5000 BC in the Stone Age. Men wore dhoti, a cloth wrapped around their waists and knotted at the back. Some men also wore turbans on their heads; many men wore manbuns and kept their beards short or shaved. By 1000 AD, clothing from the Islamic world began to influence Indian fashions. From this period, both men and women wore trousers (churidar) and tunics (kurtas) that came down to the knees. Women would typically combine these with a veil and scarf. For special occasions such as weddings, men would also wear a sherwani, a long and elegant coat.indian kings clothes Find ethnic clothes at discount prices just at Indian Cloth Store. Buy designer sarees, salwar kameez, bridal outfits, men's sherwani, kurtas, indowestern suits online. Call us or mail at

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May 18, 2013  Maharajas! The word maharaja, literally great king, conjures up a vision of splendor and magnificence. These princely rulers of India played an important role within a social and historical context and were patrons of the arts, both in India and Europe. indian kings clothes

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