Mtg legendary creatures per deck

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10 Legendary CreaturesCommanders MTG Magic: The Gathering EDH Collection 6. 99Usually, my draft decks tend to aim for 1617, 67 other spells, and 17 lands. Generally, if you end up with 1920 creatures your deck is going to be aggressive but insufficiently versatile. If you end up with 11 or fewer creatures your deck may have lots of answers but a shortage of ways to actually win the game. mtg legendary creatures per deck

Apr 09, 2010  Best Answer: Any amount of legendaries may be in your deck. Any amount may also be on the field, with the restriction that if two legendaries with the

Build your deck around a single legendary creature that can be cast multiple times per game. 100Card Deck Include only one copy of any card (other than basic lands) within your commander's color identity. Printed legendary cards are indicated by the word Legendary before their card type (e. g. Legendary Artifact ) to replace the original Creature Legend or Summon Legend , a change made in Champions of Kamigawa. The associated Magic: The Gathering novels often deal with the characters represented by legendary cards in the game.mtg legendary creatures per deck Feb 21, 2014 I am starting to work on an EDH deck with a legendary creature theme. My goal is a five color deck with Cromat as the general and having all the creatures and as much as other things be legendary. What are good creatures and other cards for this? What are some of the more goofy legendary creatures? I already have a Captain Sissay.

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However that's not the reason why I decided to make my deck be a 5 color legendary edh primer. The real reason is because there are no 5 color legendary edh decks out there and I wanted to help others at least get started if not on building their own legendary deck than on building their own 5 color deck. mtg legendary creatures per deck Jan 04, 2015 Legendary creature deck. Deck Help forum Posted on Feb. 19, 2014, 3: 27 p. m. by Manboutu. HELLO! I am in desperate need of help and tips on building a legendary creature 5 color deck. I will post a link to the deck as is at the end of this post. MY main concern is mana fixers and spells which will make my legends easy to cast, and keep alive. Jul 20, 2013 Best Answer: You can have as many legendary creatures in a deck as you want (as long as you follow the 4 copies per card rule). The legend rule only applies to creatures on the field. The legend Apr 26, 2018 MTG Top 10: Worst Legendary Creatures Nizzahon Magic New Guilds of Ravnica Legends l Game Knights# 21 l Magic: the Gathering Commander EDH Gameplay MTG Top 10: WORST Creature Types Jul 08, 2012 How many copies of a Legendary Creature would you use in a deck on average. Obviously you may run 4 of a 1cmc Legend than a 9cmc legend. But on average, wh

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