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2019-12-08 00:32

Our Tactical range of knives is a further development of Buschcraft Black and similar knives. We deliver to both the Swedish military forces and special forces all around the world, so weve developed a range of knives that fulfill the needs of being out in the field.A sturdy member of the Bushcraft family, this is one of our most robust knives due to its black, 3. 2 mm thick blade. The blade is made of carbon steel that weve hardened to optimal strength, making the Bushcraft Black extremely resistant under pressure. morakniv bushcraft black tactical knife

Apr 05, 2017 The Morakniv Bushcraft Tactical knife features a burly, 18inch (3. 2 mm) thick, 4. 3inch long, razorsharp carbon steel blade that has been treated with an anticorrosive black coating. The spine has been ground to 90degrees specially for use with a fire starter and for making tinder shavings.

A knife in the Bushcraft family with a black 0. 125 (3. 2 mm) thick blade that is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made. The carbon steel blade has a black coating which protects against corrosion. You can use the back of the blade with a fire starter (not included) as the spine of the blade is sharp and ground especially for that purpose. Sep 08, 2014 The Mora Bushcraft Black claims to be one of the best bang for you buck bushcraft knives around. In this review we will see if it really lives up to the hype!morakniv bushcraft black tactical knife Feb 16, 2013 With a razorsharp, burly 18inch (3. 2 mm) thick carbon steel blade treated with a tungsten DLC anticorrosive black coating, the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Black Knife will be one of the strongest and most dependable knives you will own. Morakniv knives made from high carbon steel achieve high hardness, sharpen easily and are exceptionally tough.

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The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Black Tactical Knife is a great choice, due to the fact it comes with one of the best blades you can get. It is made from carbon steel, which makes it 3 times stronger than other models from this price range have to offer. However, it is coated with an anticorrosive black finish, so it is even more resistant. morakniv bushcraft black tactical knife The Morakniv Bushcraft series is well known in the knife industry for being a good quality knife at an affordable price. The blade has a black coating to help prevent corrosion damage. The spine of the blade has been ground especially for use with a fire starter while the rubberized handle ensures a secure grip in adverse conditions. Feb 25, 2015 The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Black is an indispensable tool for a variety of outdoor, hunting, emergency, or tactical applications. High carbon steels are preferred in applications that demand durability and frequent regrinding and at the core is the Bushcraft Black knife with its razorsharp, burly 18inch (3. 2 mm) thick carbon steel blade treated with a tungsten DLC anticorrosive black coating. Jan 06, 2016 The Bushcraft Black knife from Morakniv is a lot more expensive than your average Mora, but it doesn't take long to see where that cost comes from. The fit and finish of this knife is far better About Bushcraft Survival Black A sharp blade with a defined tip, integrated fire starter, and diamond sharpener make Bushcraft Survival the ultimate bushcraft knife. The 3. 2 mm thick blade in carbon steel has a black DLC coating, which protects it from rust and prevents reflections from the blade.

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