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Jul 23, 2013 Hello! Thank you for choosing my video, it means a lot! In this video we just take a really fast look on what kind of magic the Red Knight can have, and what it is like at level 99! If youApr 19, 2016 Castle Crashers PC All Characters Magic HD [No Hatty Hattington Castle Crashers Castle Crashers XXYY combo Duration: castle crashers red knight magic combos

Castle Crashers. All Discussions I think it is the Red Knight, the first magic attack he has deals repetitive damage. # 1. Glitchifyed character can juggle, and juggling overall is better. It's safer, gives more experience, and does more damage. The XXYY combo works for boss slaying better than most character's magic once you unlock it

Feb 26, 2011  This is Castle Crashers on the PS3. All 29 characters with gold skulls. However, only 2 were pure solo attempts (Red and Blue Knights), and any character under level 70 Character Abilities Guide Castle Crashers Xbox 360. Macintosh PC PlayStation 3 Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 (with the sole exception of the Green Knight, whose heavy attack combo is different than everyone else's for some reason). Notes on spells listed: RTY on XXXY Combo: At 15 magic you will gain a new special melee combo performedcastle crashers red knight magic combos Sep 03, 2015 All of its magic freezes, including the elemental combo. This allows for an unbeatable advantage in any situation that involves normal or beefy enemies due to its freezelocking ability. 2 Red Knight The Red Knight is the most overused character in the game, but that does not mean that it is not incredibly powerful.

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Aug 12, 2014 Castle Crashers XXYY combo FunnyFunkyCow. Loading Unsubscribe from FunnyFunkyCow? Castle Crashers Green Knight Alternate lightweight combo Duration: 2: 02. castle crashers red knight magic combos For Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Best trick to level a Blue Knight? . Menu. Im playing with someone who likes the red knight and with that light move that stuns and continues to hit them, he levels fast. Upgrading magic to the 3rd level allows you to do a magic combo attack ( X, X, X, Y) which I think for the magic combo, it becomes available as your magic levels up. Every blue bar on the stat screen indicates a new skill, and either the second or 3rd one is the magic slash , I think. If anyone can confirm this that'd be awesome. I know the first one is projectile and the last one is magic jump. For Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled If you're going solo . Menu. Home; so you need to use nonjuggle attacks like the magic combo XXXYY (or just take your time with magicbow spam). Red Knight's RTY handles these guys very well, as does Blue Knight's infinite ground magic combo (XXXY for just the A Combo is a special attack that is performed by pressing a number of buttons rapidly in a certain sequence. Combos are usually more damaging than regular attacks. A Combo being used in Castle Crashers. The Conehead character is performing the combo.

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