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Dec 31, 2011  This is light reading but nonetheless fun. FYI according to Author's webpage, this is the first book in the 6 book Legend of Ravenwood series. Story follows 3 young teens as they set out on a journey to free a legendary wizard from a 200 year old curse.This first novella in the Violet of Ravenwood Series by J. M. Taylor interweaves familiar fantasy constructs with powerful women who treasure sisterhood and maternal bonds over all else. The time has come for the coven to tell their legend of swords and sorcery. legend of ravenwood book 2

Flight of the raven is a wonderful tale and the promising start to a new medieval series, The Novels of Ravenwood. The story has a perfect blend of romance and magic and the couple William and Emma really deserves a happy end after fight an ancient curse and some enemies that make a revival of classic conflict between Saxons and Normans.

The Strange Tale of Samantha Ravenwood by Connie C. Scharon is book five in the Highland Legends series. It is the story of Samantha Stewart and John Ravenwood. Samantha is in Scotland with her Professor exploring the ruins of Carraig Castle when she falls through a time portal. Community Reviews. The Treasure of Ravenwood is a classic fairy tale for all ages. From the moment the author takes you to the iron fence, and it is as thought you are truly there among the mist and the mystery, Ravenwood is a place you will want to revisit time and time again! Ilegend of ravenwood book 2 Unchosen Mage, Book One of the Legend of Ravenwood Series Lanterra is a cursed land of unbalanced magic. There is no hope for its citizens until fourteenyearold, unproven mage, Krys Anderwood opens an ancient journal and unleashes its power.

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