Knife edged crankshaft gain

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Jan 10, 2006 plus our motors do have windage trays which do a similar task as knife edging the crank, so it wouldnt be that huge of a gain the actual gains seem to be rather negligible and it can severly weaken the crank if done wrongFeb 16, 2008  Knifeedging (or contouring, or reshaping) the counterweights on the crankshaft allows them to cut through the oil& oil vapors in the crankcase and tries to knife edged crankshaft gain

Oct 23, 2008 Balancing is a hot topic, in Motogp Kawasaki developed the Screamer engine which had the crank on each cylinder set at 4 rods @ 90 deg each 90, 180, 270& 360 so it ran like a 2 stroke, and was better balanced than the standard 2 @180 deg, 2 @ 360 deg.

Crankshaft Knife Edging Services. As the crankshaft rotates, these counterweights come into direct contact with the engines oil. This contact creates friction and splashes oil all over the bottom end of the engine. A knifed edged crankshaft actually glides through the oil Feb 01, 2012  In the process of knife edging and polishing my CB Performance 82mm forged crank by hand. This is just a quick video to show the process of roughknife edged crankshaft gain Jun 26, 2007  Knife edging and weight reduction go hand in hand removal of material to create the knife edges on the counter weights WILL reduce crank overall weight. Extreme weight removal on a flathead crank reduces low end tourqe, even though it does allow for faster wind up ; but the reduced weight then means a faster wind down loss of inertia which in anything, other than a hiperf

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May 19, 2011 The overall result is the crank has less weight, so it will spin faster easier (but also lose revs faster) and the 'knifeedge' will also cut through the air and oil easier, but the overall gain is pretty small, its mostly to help the engine rev faster and there are other mods that are necessary to use the gains from this mod ie. lighter flywheel, cams, higher rev limiter. knife edged crankshaft gain KnifeEdging is a process of 'sharpening' the counterweights on a crankshaft and is claimed to promote the process of cutting through the oil in the pan. Can any experienced engine builders machinist verify the claim? I'm not sure if the gain outweigh the reduction in fatigue lifespan of the crank. May 30, 2013 Talk to me about knife edging a crank on a 2. 8, , , , , Ive driven a porsche in the past with a knife edged crank, and almost 6 lbs lighter, , it was a hoot, very motorcycle like response. Dave of Rebello is not in favor of it, but I cant really find a downside in internet discussions of knife ed Aug 26, 2018 In this video we take a look at knifeedging and if its bollocks or will it make you the fastest motherfucker on earth? VIDEO SEARCH https: theworkshop. n Knife edging removes considerable weight, but not enough to cause the severe things like excessive crank wobble, etc. . It does help to improve drag from hitting the oil, which can be helped with a windage tray and or a crank scraper setup too.

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