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Dec 14, 2017  The look in Korras eyes halfdelighted, halfdesirous had made need spark to life between Asamis legs, but the way Korra was acting now all growls and rough, possessive touches had ignited that spark into a flame.Jul 24, 2019 Well that was an great Final for the Bats, But wait Amon has other plans and has some words to say. Can Korra beat this war before it starts? Google Drive: h legend of korra chapter 6

The Legend of Korra. The Schism. Chapter 6. Suspicion. There are many things that Republic City is known for. Being the melting pot of cultures allowed the city to blossom as a unique destination; a place where one could find anything and everything. It was where ordinary people go in the hopes of making it big, fulfilling their dreams and

Aug 30, 2017 Chapter Text. President Raiko pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Look, he began, at least try to see things from my perspective. Future Industries was one of Republic City's crown jewels and the Avatar simply snatched it away from us. Avatar Korra didn't 'snatch' anything, Zhu Li objected in her usual flat monotone. Sep 02, 2019 THE LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK 2 A DEFECATION (Part 1 of 3) Duration: 1: 47: 34. AlphaAlpacaPack 538, 522 viewslegend of korra chapter 6 Sep 25, 2017  Chapter Text. The silence in the hallway was absolutely deafening, as if a bomb had gone off. Opal looked worriedly from Korras stunned face to

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Nov 22, 2017  We're Wolves YennaWang. Chapter 6. Notes: (See the end of the chapter for notes. ) Chapter Text [Korra POV You moan as you take another plentiful bite of food. I could so get used to eating like this. You smirk at Asami and she blushes. This really is so good. legend of korra chapter 6 Cartoons Legend of Korra. FollowFav Triangle. By: sg1cat. Love triangles are difficult and painful, especially when each loves the other two, as Korra, Mako, and Asami know far too well. Can they find happiness? The story starts during the last episode of Season 4 and tries to stay true to canon to that point. Romance, fluff, lemons, and drama The Legend of Korra AU. By: FunahoMisaki (AN: I own nothing and read last chapter) It had been roughly two weeks since word got out that the two rather powerful women were married and right now Lin was biting her lip as she called her sister, who was staying in town with her family at the old family home for a while until the city she was building was complete. Her green eyes rose up and down, fully analyzing the request. Korra saw a flash of understanding then came the the softening gaze that made her stomach jump. She stuffed the feeling down as best as she could, giving a gruff of annoyance at the omegas silent staring. Well? Korra squared her jaw, keeping her voice sharp with confidence.

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