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2019-12-06 10:50

Kingseat Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital located in Karaka, south of Auckland. It is currently the site of residential villas, created from former patient housing, the Spookers attraction, located in the former Nurses Hostel as well as several large disused and vacant hospital buildings.A history of Kingseat and the paranormal There's a Kingseat Hospital in New Zealand named after the one in Aberdeenshire! During World War II Kingseat Hospital was used by the Royal Navy history of kingseat hospital nz

Kingseat Hospital was in operation from 1932. In 1939, the Public Works Department and Fletcher Construction Company, Ltd. agreed on the construction of a twostorey nurses home at Kingseat Hospital, with the government to provide the steel for the building.

According to an article on Stuff. co. nz, Kingseat Hospital is the number one haunted spot in New Zealand. T he construction of Kingseat Hospital began in 1929 when twenty patients from a nearby mental institution came to the site along with twelve wheelbarrows and ten shovels. Kingseat Hospital was named after a hospital in Aberdeenshire, Scotland following Dr. Gray (the DirectorGeneral of the Sep 05, 2018  Kingseat operated from 1932 to 1999 when it was closed as part of New Zealands reform of its mental health system. The sprawling compound at one stage housed over 800 patients, with a maximum security wing and a morgue onsite. Inside Kingseat Hospitals maximum security wing, stained floors and scratched walls are remnants of real horrorhistory of kingseat hospital nz

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