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This Shun Chef's Knife is my first real knife, purchased to replace a chef's knife that came in a 20 set from Costco that I had to use an electric sharpener on every 3 days. So if you are a knife connoisseur, this may not be useful information. But for me, this knifeView all of the available Shun masterpieces here at the Official Shun Cutlery site. shun knife list

History. The company produced various cutlery throughout the 20th century, including folding knives, razors, and kitchen cutlery. In 2002, Kai introduced the Shun Cutlery brand to the Western market. All Shun knives

Shun Cutlery proudly takes its name from this Japanese culinary tradition of preparing and eating the very freshest food at the perfect shun moment. It is a tradition they live up to every day, making fine kitchen knives Bonus Gift Card with your Qualifying Purchase of Shun Cutlery! Free Shipping on Orders Over 39. 89. 99. Shun Classic 3 12Inch Paring Knife. 10 10 Reviews. each knife is a work of art that takes moreshun knife list Dec 14, 2017  Shun Cutlerys Premier 8Inch Chefs Knife is lightweight and agile, features an extremely comfortable grip, and makes this knife the easy choice for a variety of kitchen needs. The 8inch length

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Shun brand products sold by Kai USA Ltd. are backed by a Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition to supporting our products with this warranty, we will be happy to sharpen your Shun or Kai knife for free for as long as you own the knife. shun knife list Best Shun Knife 1. Shun Classic StainlessSteel Nakiri Knife. 2. Shun TDM0774 Premier Gokujo Boning Fillet Knife. 3. Shun DM0702 Classic 7Inch Santoku Knife. 4. Shun Classic 8Inch Carving Knife. 5. Shun DM0715 Classic Birds Beak Knife. 6. Shun DM0777 Classic Kiritsuke Knife. 7. Shun Shun Classic Knives. Shun Classic 9Piece Knife Block Set (6) Sugg. Price 1, 221 Our Price 829. 95 50 Gift Card with Purchase! Shun Classic HollowGround Chefs Knives (4) Sugg. Shun Classic Western Chef's Knife (9) Sugg. Shun Classic 6Piece Knife Set Sugg. Shun Classic Chefs Knives Shun Classic Shun Premier Shun Reserve Shun Blue Shun Sora Kanso Dual Core; Type of Steel 34 layers of stainless steel& patented blend of metals: 34 layers of stainless steel& patented blend of metals: The Hiro cutting core is made of SG2 microcarbide steel. This ultrafinegrained steel is incredibly hard and dense, enabling Shun to make thinner blades that can be sharpened to a razorlike 16 degree

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