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2019-12-05 17:30

Oct 28, 2015  The legend of el Silbn (the Whistler) comes from Venezuela and Colombia. It's the story of a young spoiled boy who asked his father to get him some venison for dinner. While his father was away, the boy grew impatient and went looking for him. When heThe legend of El Silbon varies from person to person, but this is the version I grew up with, and personally, the one I find most frightening: There once was a boy who lived happily with his mother, father and grandfather in Los Llanos (a region in Venezuela). They lived a simple life of farming. el silbon venezuela legend

Jan 26, 2017 El Silbon or The Man Who Whistles is a Venezuela Urban Legend about a man who murdered his parents and is doomed to carry a sack of bones on his back for all eternity. They say he eats people, especially children, drunks, and unfaithful men. El Silbon is a frightening figure who appears at night in rural areas.

Oct 09, 2019 Esto es una leyenda venezolana la cual me costo hacerla por el hecho de no ser de venezuela empezare a subir un contenido mas oscuro refiriendome a tops cree El Silbn (The whistler) is a legendary figure in Colombia and Venezuela, associated especially with Los Llanos, described as a lost soul. The legend arose sometime in the middle of the 19th century.el silbon venezuela legend

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