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Dark Knight FP Arch Mage IL Arch Mage Bishop Bowmaster Marksman Night Lord Shadower Blade Master Buccaneer Corsair Cannon Master Jett Zen Dawn Warrior Blaze Wizard Wind Archer Night Walker Thunder Breaker Mihile Aran Evan Mercedes Phantom Luminous Shade Blaster Battle Mage Wild Hunter Mechanic Xenon Demon Avenger Demon Slayer Kaiser CadenaIMO, I think Shade, Evan or Dark knight are really good bossing classes. Why? because they are really tanky and have good skills sets. Shade: Awesome bind, survivability, no buffs, that split skill that is awesome. Evan: Damage bruh, blink is literally the best mobility skill in terms of fighting bosses. Dark Knight: You can't die. dark knight or mihile

Shade Mihile Dark knight TB Ark Blaster We play in normal server and we dont want to found it a lot, let's say that I only have 3b on my main (Kinesis 205) But from the 6 dark knight imo cause it has a semi heal for its self and is decent in all areas. Joakhim. Reactions: 610. Posts: 12. Member.

Oct 31, 2016 GMS v. 177 Hero, Dark Knight, Paladin, Comparison. (0: 04 Hero)(7: 30 Drk) (14: 34 Pally)TURN ON ANNOTATIONS FOR QUICK LINKS (sorry mobile users lol) All same equips were used for each class. Jan 18, 2018 Mihile is an actively tanky class, meaning you need to time your guarding skill in order to take hits. The class used to be known for being terrible, but they're not that bad honestly. If theredark knight or mihile Impenetrable Skin Class: Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight, Dawn Warrior, Aran, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Blaster, Hayato, Mihile, Kaiser, Zero, Type: Active, Maximum

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Dec 07, 2015 Dark knight seems appealing for hyper body and overall damage. But their skills just don't look as satisfying as a mihile's. dark knight or mihile Infuses your weapon with a portion of your health, granting it a visible aura and temporarily empowering it. The aura wave is unaffected by attack reflection. Aug 20, 2017 Whats your favorite job from each class? Close. 4. Posted by. uVerdExNeon. Reboot 203 Wild Hunter. 2 years ago. mihile. Bowman: none of them, but if i had to choose, bowmaster. dark knight, high crit, life steal. Bowman: wind archer most fun archer ive played. In short, Dark Knight. Dark Knight has the killing advantage of having their x1. 8 damage skill at 3rd job and a hurricane type attack to quickly rack up combo kill for the giant exp boost when paired with Aran link skill. Heroes has the shortest attack reach so they kill less monster per attack when compared to the attack reach of Dark knight and Paladin. hey someone told me dark knights will be able to hold their weapon held down instead of across your chest in a future update. is this true please vali Dark Knight Funding Thread Lord Shadower Dual Blade Phantom Xenon Night Walker Warrior Forums Warrior Hero Blaster Paladin Dark Knight Aran Demon Slayer Kaiser Mihile Hayato Demon Avenger

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