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2019-12-10 08:01

May 16, 2013 This is a video that I show my students before reading Legend by Marie Lu. I collected the photos online and claim nothing, but the editing. Playlist: Come With Me by P. Diddy.Apr 10, 2016 Thanks for watching my fan made Legend Trailer! Please Subscribe for more! P. S if I mess up any continuity with the book, and the trailer please tell me! LEGEND by Marie Lu MOVIE TRAILER legend movie trailer marie lu

Oct 04, 2013 i heard that it was optioned but not really that it was going to for sure be made in to a movie or series. i think that it would be interesting, but the challenge that i have right now is that with all of the interest behind Divergent coming out and others like it (delirium becoming a show) and HG, i just think that people might get a bit over spent on the category and then they won't have

Jan 31, 2016 Enjoy our fanmade movie trailer for the book Legend by Marie Lu! When we made this trailer there was no movie yet, but many rumors about one. We hope you enjoy our work! This is also our 1000 legend movie trailer marie lu

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