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AMOK! 6 Roger Street, Cumberland, Rhode Island Rated 4. 9 based on 11 Reviews Awesome! ! practical and straight forward, it can be easilyAMOK! Force options include using a knife, stick, improvised instruments and empty hands tactics to prevail against violent weapons attacks when outnumbered, when outsized or amok training knife

Sep 16, 2005 These knife is created by my guru in AMOK! knife fighting, Randy Hodges. It's very good feeling when I spar with it. The good point is It could be cut to the body part, face, lib. etc and no danger. The spec is; Made of high quality dense foam with a rigid core. Durable and won't flop when you practice your full speed disarms. Can be chalked.

Nok Training Knives have a hard core so they won't flop in your hands during paired drills and disarms. They have the stopping power you look for when you're sparring. I add double layers of padding on the edge of the knife to keep from chipping bone on hard contact hits. Started by Tom Sotis of the United States, Amok! (the exclamation mark is part of the name) is a realistic fighting system based around the use of the knife as a weapon.amok training knife AMOK! is a fightbased system that presents the most functional core fighting skills on the planet by utilizing a unique approach quite different from other knife systems. Right from the very first minute you are sparring, and learning proceeds in a logical progression while sparring.

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Mar 13, 2006 AMOK! is engineered to generate effectively prioritized, quick to function assaulting and countering tactics against aggressive, unpredictable, noncompliant enemies. Im from europe and where not permitted to carry knives, so emptyhand vs knifepocket knife is paramount to me. how much training does AMOK spend training in these methods. amok training knife AMOK is the worlds leading edged weapon training company and hardearned its reputation on the field of conflict. OUR CLIENTELE Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Close Protection, Security Services, 1st Responders, Executives, HighRisk Groups, and Civilians from all walks of life. AMOK!  training procedures elevate practices to the highest level of reflexive development through highly sophisticated methods of integration. Knife defense is more complex than empty hands because it includes their elements compounded by so many variables.  AMOK!  is the highest level of training of combat self defense not martial art. Tactical Knife Combat AMOK uses one set of moves to fight effectively with any handheld weapon or improvised instrument and when emptyhanded. Vuoi un organizzare o partecipare a un workshop di AMOK contattaci siamo in molte citt ogni mese con i nostri a basic training day 3: 01. KNIFE VS HAND BARAW Y MANO

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